Thursday, May 8, 2008

Zig Zach's Asian Invasion Of Europe!!

Hey guys,

right its been a busy busy week for me.....Work,meetings,interviews,interviews and MORE interviews!! Crazy!! Becareful what you wish for...I used to say I never get the recognition for what I've done for Muay Thai in Singapore a few years ago......and NOW!! Interviews after interviews!!..Sheesh!! Now am just waiting for my other wish to come true,which is to have a few million dollars miraculously fall on to my lap and I'm sorted!! =)

Right as you've read the title. I'm gonna be doing my Asian Invasion tour of Europe next week!! Im going off to London,Stockholm and Amsterdam!! I think it's a well deserved holiday?... I am in serious need of a break.....Have been working and training so hard the last few months and am feeling rather burnt out.... I need to get hungry to train and fight again,so figured a trip to Europe would be just nice!! Especially since it's been 7 years since I visited Europe!! Everytime that I've wanted to go over to visit my family I've had fights and just too much work to deal with so this time I spoke to promoters and there isn't a fight lined up for me til end of June or early July so I thought I'd better make the most of my time off now.

Off to London for a week first,to attend a wedding and catching up with some good friends who are now living and working there. Then it's off to Stockholm,Sweden for a week....a little more on that in abit as I think that will be the main HIGHLIGHT of my trip....then to end off my trip I'll be heading over to Amsterdam/Eindhoven for a week to visit my family there. I can't wait!!!!

So last weeks blog,I left off at The Contender and K-1 Max Grand Prix. The first series will take place on the 31st of May in Stockholm. And I will be staying with my main man Yukay from the Contender and I will be attending "Rumble Of The Kings 2008" as a VIP guest!!! =) Muahahah eat your hearts out!!!! I've known of the event for quite awhile now and Ive seen some of the previous events that Sweden has held and it is seriously one of,if not THE best venue to fight at. The LINE UP is looking amazing!!! With some of the top fighters battling it out for WMC World Titles and also the chance to make it to The Contender Asia 2 and also a shot at K-1 Max Japan Final 16.

K-1 Scandinavia Poster.

The Contender boys Bruce McFie,Yukay,Yodsaenklai and Dzahabar will be fighting that night in the 8 man Contender Asia Grand Prix,so it's gonna be great to see them and hang out with all of them again after the fights.

I know that you see JWP on the poster.....He was supposed to fight Ole Laursen for the WMC Super Middle Weight World Title but Ive heard that JWP has had to pull out recently as his dad is seriously ill and he has chosen to spend time with his father. JWP's wife also just gave birth to their 2nd Child. Im not sure if they have revealed the replacement for JWP so I dont wanna ruin it for the organisers, but from what I've heard all I can say is he's a short hard hitting fighter from K-1Max.

Yodsaenklai is fighting Levin Artem. You might be wondering What?...Who?.....(Sounds like the same reaction I got when I was listed on The Contender Asia Final 16)...I've seen Levin Artem fight before in Thailand and he is very very talented and amazing to watch,having said all that Yodsaenklai is a machine and is on a roll at the moment so it'll be an interesting one to watch!!

Another fight worth a mention is Nong Toom Fairtex (Yes THE Beautiful Boxer) vs Pernilla Johansson (Swe). I've heard that Nong Toom is back in the ring but of course fighting women now. She is always a good name to have on the fight card coz she still pulls in the crowd. Love to watch her do her Wai Kru where she puts make up on,it is pretty cool.

So yeah counting down the days to my Asian Invasion of Europe!! Am looking forward to some unhealthy food and cool weather in Europe!!

Right to end things off I'm gonna introduce you to a new fighter to everyone. He has been training in Angie Parr's tummy for 9 months now,punching and kicking away!!! He finally arrived at 1.30am on the 2nd of May 2008,kicking,screaming and raring to go!!! Weighing in at the offical weight of 8.85lbs.Introducing...

Jesse James Parr!!!!!



Anonymous said...

hey zach!
im just wondering... how old r u?
is bruce gonna come to singapore again? i just watched the 4th episod on channel 5 and im so sad to see him go :(

Dii Mak said...

YO yo Zach. I can finally catch up on your

The tournament sounds amazing. Take full advanatage of the VIP as I know you will.

And finally, I am not sure if it is possible to have a cooler name than Jesse James Parr.


ateh~dimple said...

wow!!my fav. mr john wayne parr just got his junior!!congrats mr parr

Cheryl said...

Looks like he won't need a fight name.

fin said...

poor JWP, his dad's not ill anymore, he just died a few days ago. that's even more reason for him not to fight in europe.

Anonymous said...

Saw you in the corner there at K-1 Stockholm... hope you enjoy your stay here in Sweden, looking forward to seeing you in the ring in the future. Cheers /Peter from Sweden