Thursday, February 21, 2008

Endorsement Deal & Episode 6

Last day of Chinese New Year so just back from my last "Yu Sheng" with my family. My sis just got back after spending a month in The Netherlands with my mom so it was our first "Yu Sheng" together. This has got to be like my 8th or 9th "Yu Sheng" for this year!! I gotta say all the wishing for prosperity,luck and all that seems to be working!!!

On Wednesday morning I had a meeting with the sales and marketing guys of Asics. We were discussing a deal so that I would be sponsored by them as one of their Athletes. This really meant alot to me as I have always been a massive supporter of the brand Asics. I have converted alot of my Personal Training clients to start using Asics and have not looked back since!.

Asics are just so much more comfortable and it gives alot more support and cushioning when running. I used to think anything with a sole and anythig that covered your toes were considered running shoes!!?! But until you've put on a pair of Asics,only then will you understand why all serious/top runners all around the world wear Asics. Im not saying wearing Asics will make running easier!! However wearing proper shoes will prevent you from getting common running injuries!! I do a total of 12km a day when Im training in Singapore. (But when Im in Thailand,12km is only the Morning run!!!) So if you intend to have your legs kept in good condition for kicking your opponents,it really is important to know what shoes to wear,what shape your feet are and how you can prevent these minor injuries that could possibly lead to major issues!! The amount of research that goes into Asics shoes are amazing. I remember watching a documentary on Discovery Channel and they dropped an Egg on to the GEL that is in the Asics shoes from a good height and it didnt break!!! How amazing is that!?!??

Watch the documentary here!!

So the deal has been confirmed and I will be picking up my new gear next week,I can't wait!!! Thank you Asics sooooo much for the oppurtunity!!! And Thanks Lance for helping me get in contact with them!!

On to Episode 6. As Alain left us the place was slowly begining to feel empty,especially during training times. There was more time on the pads with the trainers and they could finally start to focus abit more on us at training. Initially there was just not enough trainers for all 16 of us. So was finally good to get more time to do pad work. Love the bit where Fox shouts at Pitu,"My mother kicks harder than you!!"....and just when you thought the insult was over he goes,"And She's 70!!" haha Gotta love Fox!!

Challenge at courts was a pretty interesting one. Just for all of you wondering what were in the boxes. No there weren't any electronic goods in there. Actually they were BRICKS and I think each box weighed about 15 - 20kg? I remember us leading at the start,where we had to move it from the truck to the Dolly Puller. But really gotta give credit to David,he totally caught up with JWP!! I mean JWP said,"I thougth Dolly PULLER so I pulled!!" haha and also we there was a rule that if one of the boxes fell off we'd have to start from the begining again!! So think JWP was being careful about going too fast. But lucky we were fast at moving the boxes over at the end!! We won by like 1 or 2 secs!!! The Blue team were veryyyyyyyyyyyyy upset with this loss. I mean it was like 4 losses in a row. They didn't get any rewards and were stuck in The Loft alot of the time. It reallly got to them. They managed to convince the producers and all to take them on a Go-kart outing coz they were so down!! (Look out for the web exclusive on youtube)

Deliberation was decided quickly as we all agreed that David was the main strength behind their team. And he showed that again at the Challenge this time. We actually wanted to pick him already last week. However Soren really wanted to fight that night and as it came down to the draw of straws,Alain was picked first. So this week was it for David. I was actually getting tired and burntout as I've been wanting to fight for 3 weeks now and everytime we win they tell me I gotta wait.

At Revelation when Jabba picked David. David did his little "joke" handshake and that did not impress the Red team (not even the Blue team!). Jabba was particularly NOT happy. We all thought it was reallly childish,it was like something we did when we were 10. Actually what wasn't shown was I think David did shake his hand later,but he turned around and said in a pissed off manner to all of us,"I dont like being lied to?!!?!"....All of were clueless what the hell that meant?!?!?...But yeah all that didn't go down too well with the Tiger Kings. Think the last few days with David in the house had a funny feeling in the air.

What can I say about Jabba....Meanest & hardest looking guy in the house,yet the nicest person you could meet and most loyal brother you could ever have on your side. I think in the house me and him got along probably the best. After his fight with Rafik I calmed him down,after JWP chose Rafik, he was really upset and I talked to him too. I remember in one of my interviews they asked me about Jabba and I said,"Jabba the underdog of the famous fighters in the house". He has fought some BIG names in Thai Boxing. Jomhod,Wanlop and evern Buakaw (YES BUAKAW!)

Another thing I look up to Jabba is that he is such a devote muslim. He wakes up at 5.30am to do his the first of 5 prayers that a muslim performs everyday. Also every Friday he goes to the Mosque without fail. For all those that don't know Im muslim too and I say my prayers my father taught me and I do my best to be a good muslim....But Jabba takes it to a whole different level!! So when he asked me to help him remove his arab headress after the "wai kru" I felt really privileged. I remember just before removing the arab headress,when we both said our prayers it felt really different ad very spiritual for me this time.

I think everyone agrees that,David vs Jabba's fight was by far THE most exciting one!! True warriors til the end. The fact that both of them got cut and blood was gushing out of their heads made it even more entertaining!! (Things we fighters go through to entertain the crowd!!)

Alot of people ask me why Jabba won. I would say that Jabba looked alot more in control of that fight. His grappling skills totally amazed me that night. I remember watching David in training and he always looked very strong in the clinch,but Jabba took David to school that day in the clinch!!! (Love the bit where he's got David half out the rope and he thrust his hips on Davids ass and has a cheeky smile...!! haha Classic!!) In Muay Thai you get alot of points for good clinch throws/sweeps coz it shows DOMINATION. Shows you have better technique,knowledge and control of your oppenent. I mean David was awesome too in other departments,good boxing and he landed some heavy leg kicks on Jabba in the 1st & 2nd but when Jabba started blocking them and countering and throwing combos he just looked alot sharper.

As for the point deductions. Maybe the first one where Jabba landed the knee to the groin I can understand coz I think he got warned once. But it was more out of tiredness rather than malicious. The kick to the head...Jabba stopped his kick in time I remember,it just "LOOKED" vicious on TV. Those who do Muay Thai will know that you learn to clinch,throw and as your opponent is going down/or down you throw a knee or a kick. Again I do think he did it coz it was just what we're trained to do and so used to doing. However if you wanna argue about deducting a point then the ref should have also deducted from David when Jabba was half out of the ring and David slammed an elbow down on Jabbas back...??

All is said and done,but I know that a rematch will definitely be a dream fight for all fight fans!!



boxxTomoi said...

Zack, such a good story ..eerrr I cut and paste to my blog.
bill me later !!

nadya said...

hi zach.
now i understand the whole story.. as im a bit pissed with jabba when i watch the show and i thot he simply kick david when he's down..

i hv to agree to all your fact bout jabba, being a good muslim, good friend and nice fella. i enjoy the fight, only that part i mention earlier made me sad cause the audience 'boohoo' him.

good one zach. i'm going to link this from my blog too.

and some of the exclusive web on the official contender asia page still cannot be viewed.

hey zach,
you shlould come to Kedah Royal cup,end of next month..good to see u and the rest of the famous fighter.

Zig Zach said...

Hey Guys!! Thanks for writing on my blog. =) Yeah link away no problem.

Im going Phuket next week maybe Jabba will be there too. So will be good to see the crazy bugger!

I would love to go but April 12th is the Finals in Singapore and I may have a fight so I'll be training hard.

You guys should definetly come to the finals in Singapore tickets go on sale March 3rd.

Stay in touch guys!! =)

Anonymous said...

Lovin' your insights from an insider Zach, thanks for blogging! I actually just discovered your blog. Okay man... now I aint siding no one here, let me juz put that out loud first. But here's the thing, Dzhabar said in the one-on-one interview before the fight that its gonna be dirty. So I'm thinking, he wanted it that way, he's already put out his intentions. Aight that's it. I aint sayin no more. Peace.

writer anonymous said...

hi! nice blog you have here. i was actually lead to this blog when i was looking up contender asia in google. ^^ thanks for giving us some inside stuff in the fights! the fight between david and dzhabar was really really close! and it did seem like dzhabar fought dirty, but i guess it was because of what we saw on tv. i mean the whole fight wasn't shown right, that's why we really appreciate your insider views. ^^
anyway, i saw the web exclusive for the go-karting. but personally i found the web exclusive, "sean's side" absolutely funny! hahaha have you seen it? he got all the beds of his defeated team mates and called his part of the room sean's land. hehehe it's funny!
anyway, thanks! and good luck with your fights and stuff! ^^

Anonymous said...

salam aleycoum

just to pass salam to us brother and sister hope i'll train with u

brother from paris