Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai & Episode 4

Chinese New Year is here and this is the year of The Rat. This used to be my favourite holiday. But since my mom moved up to The Netherlands years ago Chinese New Year and Xmas are never the same. This is also the first year we are spending it without my grandmother as she passed away last year. So Chinese New Year has lost alot meaning for me now. What was really nice was the Reunion Dinner, a giant feast on the Eve of CNY with the whole family. My favourite thing during this time is the "Yu Sheng". It's a dish made in Singapore and the thing I love about it apart from the fact that its so damn good is that there is just so much meaning behind every ingredient on the dish.

My favourtie dish!! Mhhhmmm!!
Episode 4 was alot of fun actually. First of all The challenge was hilarious. We were trailing by a mile!!! We were seriously lucky that they missed out one piece!! Guess the term "slow and steady wins the race." does make sense sometimes.

I remember alot of us were in a pretty crap mood that day after being kept up in the loft for so long and we were all getting burnt out from training and monotonous routines. So winning the reward was AWESOME!! Before we got to eat we were all actually in the Pool down at Rasa Sentosa and that was exactly what we needed. We fell asleep in the sun and then when we woke up it was time to EAT!! Man the food was AMAZING!! On the BBQ we had Grilled Salmon,tiger prawns (Not Tiger Kings),grilled chicken and beef kebabs. Then there was all these salads,pasta,ribs and all sorts of deserts!!! The weight that we've all been watching just went out the door!!! haha We were asked to play Beach Volleyball and to be honest we were all SOOOOOOO FULL that we just wanted to lie down and pass out!! Watching the day again on TV was really nice coz it brought back sooo many good memories with the boys.

"Chok Dee"

During delibration I wanted to fight for that fact that I knew I was prolly gonna be picked next. So while we had the chance I might as well do the picking before I got picked!! But the Team decided that getting rid of Bruce would be a better strategy as he was a strong guy and taking him out would mean ,winning more challenges. And More challenges = MORE REWARDS!!

Yodsaenklai was awesome and as I mentioned in the show,honourable for stepping up to the task. Not leaving the dirty work to others.He honestly didn't care who he fought. Another funny thing to see was Yodsaenklai eating on the episode. I thought I ate alot..but man that boy can EAT!!! We had a joke in the loft among us saying,"Lucky we didn't have to fight or do challenges for food coz otherwise none of us would be eating!!" haha

After the fight,all me and Soren would say to each other is,"How's that left kick hey??" Was amazing watching Yodsaenklai fight live for the first time. His kicks are just so fast and hard to read. His balance when he kicks is just amazing. Even in training,watching him kick and punch he makes it look so easy!!

So now it's 2 Challenges and 2 fights each. We're all "Even Steven" now. The show is looking awesome and can't wait to see the rest of the episodes. Wish I could fast forward to next Weds!!

Wishing all of you "Gong Xi Fa Cai" may the year of the Rat bring lotsa wealth and health to you and your family.


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Yo kim khan zaki...wah da handal kau eh sekarang..unbelievable.remember me..gua Fatah ..haha..budak DOMVS, hey knape kau tak pernah bilang kau trainer..aku ngn ajis plan nak join kau...bole join tak?? ade discount tak training ngn kau. hehe. all the best in contender asia..k

Do reply me back..seriously we never thought u r in contender asia. I and ajis was thinkin of takin rock climbing and wen we saw u muay. thought leh drop me a mail at JGn sombong k..

K gua kasi lu advise..nanti kalau da fight kat ring..kalau penat,,jgn kejar org pose garang je..nanti kejar..penat sendiri. haha. k all d best zaki DOMVS. cakap ngn dorang Fang ku LO.