Thursday, February 14, 2008

Episode 5

Episode 5 was quite a fun one for us. Started off with Yoddi coming back in the room saying that he got dizzy from watching Bruce running circles around him!! haha I've known Preacher for awhile now (actually met him in Bkk 2001 and it was then why I realized why they called him "PREACHER"!!) I think the world didn't get to see the REAL Bruce Mcfie that night, Ive seen him fight a couple of times before, and this fight against Yoddi really wasn't his best.

Another fight out of the way another challenge the next day. Good old Tug-O-War!! It actually took us about 5mins or so to pull the damn truck. Felt like forever!! We thought we were gonna be there all day when we started!! At one point it just wasn't moving at all!!......Jabba at one point I remember even stopped pulling and shouted,"One minute break please!!!!" haha but Credit goes to Pitu for this challenge. We had bad technique at first as we kept going "Pull,Pull.Pull" and that reallly tired us out. Pitu then said stop pulling and just bring our weight down low and lean back all the way. And next thing you know we had the truck rolling our way!! If you watch the Episode again watch JWP at the back, he's like crouched under a truck coz he ran out of space!! haha

On our way back to the loft, coz they hadn't told us about what the reward was all of us were guessing. We thought maybe it was a chance for us to use the phone and call our loved ones or a nice massage,or even a tailor to do us up some nice suits!?!! So when we saw the laptops we thought "OHHHHHH YEAH!! We got a Laptop!!"... But it wasn't, We had won USD$500 shopping spree on Ebay!!! It was crazy coz we didn't even know what to buy and there were so many things you can buy on Ebay. We sat there for ages!! We were all getting very crazy ideas on what to buy at first haha....Porn,Blow Up Dolls and Strippers(not that you can that in Singapre!!)!! Yes being in a house with 16 men for awhile with no TV,News,Magazines and no ALONE time!! It can get very boring!! haha The Blue team came down and they were sooooo annoyed when they found out that we had won USD$500!!! I remember them training and were hitting the pads extra hard that afernoon!

Im trying to remember what we all bought with the reward. I bought my Serato Scratch Live. I think Jabba and JWP bought an iTouch as it just got released then. Pitu bought a PSP and some games for his son. Soren bought a portable DVD player. Yoddi bought a camera and yeah he bought a Liverpool Soccer Jersey for Naruepol which all of us thought was very nice of him.

Deliberation was funny. Jabba, Soren and Me wanted to fight so that we could just get it over and done. But I think it was fair that it came down to drawing straws. Funniest bit about deliberation was the bit where Jaymee goes,"So who's got the longest stick!!" hahahah cheeeky!! He picked Alain coz there had been talk about the rematch. I have to say Alain was unlucky in the house having had his Crohns disease act up on him. He was literally in the toilet for maybe an hour in the morning,afternoon and evening. So I think thats why he never really got much coverage on the show.

The fight was pretty one sided and Soren was just far more technical in every aspect. I've also known Soren from a few years back having trained together in WMC Samui. Ive seen a few of Soren's fight and he has improved tremendously now that he lives out in Bkk. Training and fighting out of a very awesome gym that I used to train at for abit as well. I also think his win against the 2 legendary Thai fighters Orono and Jomhod brought his confidence and game to another level. He's fighting style and his personality has changed sooo much from when I last saw him in 2004?

Seems like the Aussies just keep getting better and better at this sport!!

Aussie Ausse Aussie!!



pop said...

enjoy reading ur write-ups. esp what each fighter bought with their ebay win!!! haha! love the show!!

Zig Zach said...

Thanks POP!

Yeah I try and give abit of an insight without revealing too much at the same time!! Not looking forwad to million dollar lawsuit!!