Monday, February 4, 2008

My new sponsors,Tuff Boxing.

So joining my current sponsors Toni & Guy Hairdressing and BXG Fitness are the awesome Muay Thai T-shirt company Tuff Boxing. They are company run by two brothers in Bkk,Thailand. They make amazing looking Muay Thai T-shirts. The best ones Ive ever seen to be honest. Love the designs!! Do check em out!!

Last year at the World Championships while promoting The Contender Asia I was chatting to Oak at his booth selling all the T-shirts and I joked around saying "ohh finally some cool Muay Thai T-shirts to wear" and he goes "Yeah not like the ones in Pratunam market!" haha Those who have done the sport long enough will know which ones they are!! And those who know me will know I will never be caught dead wearing that t-shirt! haha

Been chatting with Oak alot and he is a massive fan of The Contender Asia. So he's sent me some stuff over from Thailand and Im gonna do loads of Promotion for his brand. Also I will be the main distributor for Tuff here in Singapore. So if gyms here wanna sell it I'll be getting in the big orders or people in Singapore can get it from me diectly. Aren't you Singaporeans lucky?!?!

Me heading off to training in my Tuff Tshirt!!

Love the T-shirts Oak!! Thanks Buddy!! Can't wait to get more Stuff from Tuff!!



bareboxersjournal said...

cool stuff zach, just checked out tuff t-shirts.. Was wondering if they do custom designs?


Oak said...

Hello Justin

Thank you for your interests in our t-shirts. We can do custom designs for events, camps, fighters etc. We recently did the design for World Championships.

You can contact me for more detail at

Zach, thanks again for being supportive.