Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mixing it up.

Day 2 of CNY abit of free time before my Lunch with some friends at the Goodwood Park Hotel.

My friend (DJ buddy and promoter) Kelvin who runs Stellar Music has decided to upload my Promo mix I did last month for one of the clubs here in Singapore. Stellar Music has uploaded some exclusive sets from World famous DJs like Kosmas Epsilon (Greece),Lexicon Avenue (UK)(Not to be confused with Madison Avenue!!),Jaimy D (Holland) to the awesome talents we have in Asia and even tiny little Singapore. Ive DJed on a few Stellar Music gigs and it usually gets a pretty mad turnout. Pity that Kelvin is now based in London!! Damnit.....Now I gotta go and get gigs myself!!

The Promo mix I sent out to the club's music director got a pretty good response and hopefully I will get a monthly residency soon. It's a housey - electroish mix so all you hip hop and retro mambo jambo lovers. Im sorry!! (No Im not really)

Funny enough this is my FIRST ever mix Ive recorded after having DJed for so long. I used to hate recording my mixes coz there'd always be bits that I didn't like or had to re-do. By the end of it Id be so sick of re-doing it I'd give up!!

But DJing has come a LONG way. For me it was starting from 12" vinyls on my Technic 1210s to Cds on my Pioneer CDJ1000s. And now I use the DJing software/hardware Serato Scratch. Before you say,"Ohh he uses his computer to do the DJing thats not DJing....!!" Read up on what it is. Serato Scratch is such an amazing invention!! Check out the video to see what I mean.

Basically Serato Scratch has a software that you download into your laptop. You connect your laptop to the Serarto interface(Blackbox) and you connect your CDJs/Turntables to the Blackbox. You are given 2 12" controller vinyls and 2 CDs. So here's the AMAZING thing. All your track are in your Laptop as mp3s and you can control,scratch,skip and do whatever you want to the track using either your vinyl or your cdjs!! Now how amazing is that? Who would have ever thought that would be possible to invent!?!!?? So it has made DJing so much easier now with the visuals on the laptop and also when you perform. No more carrying hundereds of cds and records out to your gig! Everythings all in your Laptop!! And you still get the feel of DJing by using the Vinyls or CDs!!

There are alot more cool things you can do with Serato Scratch,but at the end of the day it's as real as you can get to DJing but improving it with modern technology! You can say Im embracing technology.....or you can say Im just getting lazy!! haha



Is said...

Any idea why Bruce McFie and some of the other guys thought of you as an easy opponent?

Did you do something that gave them the impression?

Zig Zach said...

Im not as well known as some of the other fighters. I had the least number of fights so I think everyone thought I was a pushover.

Is said...

Thanks for replying. I heard it during the program too 'Zach has the least number of fights; an inexperienced fighter'.

Considering the nature of the program, I'm amazed at how civilized you guys were to each other - with Rafik being the exception of course.

I personally thought you were being picked on because of your easy-going disposition.

Anonymous said...
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