Thursday, January 31, 2008

Radio Ga Ga & Episode 3

Been a hectic last 2 weeks with work,training and Radio interviews. I was on the Radio twice in 2 weeks to promote the sport of Muay Thai and the show The Contender Asia on two different stations.

Last week I was on 938 Live with Daniel Martin. Accompanying me was my friend & sports doctor, Dr.K.C Ang from Orthosports Clinic. He was there to talk about the benefits of the sport and also to answer health related questions. I just had to explain the history and the art of Muay Thai and also let listeners know about ME. There's one bit where Dr Ang says "Muay Thai is safer than Tennis".(There's more explanation that comes after that but I thought it was hillarious!) Im never gonna stop taking the piss out of him for that one hahah!! Well he was promoting the sport so no point dissing it to the listeners!!

Then on Weds I was on 98.7Fm with Shan and Rozz!! It was alot more laid back and just really fun. Was also quite interesting to see how a Radio Station and how Radio DJ's work. Especially coz as a kid I grew up listening to 98.7Fm. They made me feel very comfortable so it was easier to answer the questions they had. Hung around for abit and all I can say is, They are SOOOOO lucky to have such a cool job!! I just can't imagine talking to myself if I didn't have a partner. Would do some serious damage to my already failing mental health!! haha

I've got the interview on Mp3 but have no idea how to leave it up here so people can listen to it. Will figure it out then repost about that.

Right so here we are on to Episode 3,by far the most DRAMATIC one in terms of the scuffle with Jabba & Rafik. People always ask me when they see me...."Is Rafik really like that?....Were you guys acting?...Did the producers ask him to exaggerate his character??.....I don't know why people don't like him,Im sure they edited to make him look bad..." The answer is....NO. It's REALITY TV. We were never told what to say do,act or behave on camera everything happened as you saw it.

People on the forums are actually talking about Rafik ALOT they either like him or don't like him,people say like"Oh Rafik is a great character in the show....he makes it more exciting...he's a good fighter even tho he talks much....he's the lively one.....he's just very straight forward and misunderstood....he brings more drama". Hell yeah,I totally agree with alot of the stuff said about Rafik and he definitely made it livelier at times for all of us! BUT.... you try LIVING with the guy then you'll know if we are wrong to judge him and all? I would loveeeeeeeeee to tell you all things that were said and done off camera but I'd prolly risk a million dollar lawsuit!!!

All reality shows needs a good guy and a bad guy. It's not gonna be very interesting if we all sit there and be nice and talk about our favourite food and hobbies for every episode!??.... And in reality TV people always remember the good guy and the BAD guy...and it works in Rafik's favour coz forums are all talking about Rafik. So he's not on the losing end.

My favourite bit in this episode was prolly where he's saying to Soren,"In the Red team there are 3 or 4 people that I don't like."....Soren goes...."When you say 3 or 4?? How about looking at yourself first??" OWWWWWWWW!!! ....haha And at the end of the episode Rafik goes,"The Fight is's the living with others that is difficult."......Sheesh???!!! Right so it's all 15 of our faults now????

Hmmmm wonder if Im in that list of 3 or 4 people from the Red Team that he doesn't like?? Oh well.......


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nadya said...

hi zach..

well explain on rafiks behaviour. :)

and good to know u appear on 2 radio station. cool! is it different from DJing?

i wonder why the exclusive web is not as many as the 1st episode. there are only 2 for 2nd epi. and for epi. 3 in the official website..

can u help n explain why. im very disappointed, the update is very slow..