Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Premier of The Contender Asia

So this was it,THE BIG DAY! Jan 16th the Premier Party at The Hotel Intercon. All the waiting around after all those months,of not being able to talk about what has happened in the show!! It was reallly nerve wrecking to see was all gonna look like!

So there was a Press Conference with the Executive Producer,Riaz Mehta,The Singapore Tourism Board,The big boss of AXN and the very special guest, "The Godfather of Reality TV shows" (as one of the reporters called him) Mr. Mark Burnett. He was there to answer questions from the press and give his views on the show.
There was quite a fair turnout....Saw some familiar faces there. Producers,editors and people who worked on the audio and visual of the show. Was good to see them all again!! Some people I've never met would come up and say "HI" but coz they worked in the production house and they have to stare at my face alllllllll day for hours!! haha god I pity them!! So they came and said HI and we'd chat about the whole show. Was nice I really give credit to everyone who worked on the show. There was ALOT of work put in to make this happen.

Me next to ME!!

After the Press Conference there was a Preview of the Contender Asia Episode 1!! All I can say is was reallly amazing to watch it for the first time. Remembering all the good times...and the bad times!! It was funny to see it from a viewers point now,coz we were there and we knew what happened...and we knew like what was the tension was and it was weird watching it again from a DIFFERENT point of view. Also hearing things the others said during their one on one interviews or when they were in the other rooms. It's just weird. But still it looked AMAZING!!! Singapore has never looked more VIBRANT and never looked more BEAUTIFUL than in this series.

My main man Sammy(Producer),one of my sponsors,Henne from Toni & Guy Hairdressing,Drina(Producer) & Jeff Lim (Executive Produer)

"The Godfather of Reality Tv" Mark Burnett and Me

After the screening,the good people of AXN introduced me to various press and media representatives from Hong Kong,Indonesia,Malaysia and Phillpines. So I had to spend a bit of time answering a few questions here and there about the show,the sport and just ME. Had to pose for a few pics here and there. haha It was alllll good!

On another note,The new website for The Contender Asia looks AMAZING!! Immediately after the show,the site is updated with a write up on the whole episode and pics from the fights. And also EXCLUSIVE footage that didn't make it on the show due to time constraints (and prolly coz of the extensive use of vulgarity!!) hahaha. There is also a FORUM on the site where you can discuss and talk about the show,the fighters and just ANYTHING. It's very very cool. So sign up and check it out!!

There is also another website built by the fans called Contender Asia Fans. I love it when people take time out to do things like this. Without fans and people like this the show and the sport wouldn't get to where it is. So I'd really like to say a big THANK YOU to all of them who have taken time out to make the website.

Alright soo keep the Contender Asia madness going coz this show is gonna ROCK!!!!!!
(For all the viewers in Singapore,I hope you watched our show over the Deal or No Deal Hunks Edition! The 16 of us can whoop ALL their asses any day!!!)


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