Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New poster!! New year resolutions!!

Just saw the new poster for AXN's promo on The Contender Asia!! And it looks awesome !! (Coz Im in the front!!)

Well been busy getting back in shape and getting back to doing some Personal Training classes.

Have a few stuff I plan to achieve for 2008.

1) Get more fights!! Its always so hard to get fights here in Singapore. So Im gonna try and get some around the region and also hopefully Australia?

2) Hope to fight down at Lumpini or Rajadamneorn this year. Doing that would be a dream come true and it would mean that I've accomplished one of my dreams in life.

3) Wanna try and win another belt!! Need more silverware in my collection!!

4) Wanna try fighting in an 8 men or 4 men tournament. Would be a real test for myself, physically and mentally.

5) If time and my business allows me to head back up to Thailand for a month or two to train and fight...that would be SWEET!!! Really miss living and getting good quality training at my doorstep!! *sighs*

6) Gonna try and get some DJing done this year too. Would be nice to DJ out at some of the smaller clubs. House parties are great fun but they are hard to find here in Singapore!!!

So far these are whats important to me and hopefully 2008 will be better than 2007!!


P.S one more goal for this year....

7) Make 1 Million dollars!!! but it's been my new years resolution for the last 15years!!! BAH!!

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Endah said...

HI! Zackky! Finally I found your blog. Nice blog you have here. You have yet to find mine! I give you a clue...start to google with your father's race.

Hmm...You are really a fighter, just like your paternal grandfather. You have some of his facial features too and very much like him in spirit of bravery.

I wish you all the best in you fighting career.