Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Episode 2

Episode 2 showed abit more of the other fighters, and also bits of us in training. Episode 1 felt like it went by very very FAST!! Maybe thats what happens when they have to fit in so much of a fight? (And when they have so much crap adverts in there!!!)

When I think back the amount of time the cameras are on us and what you guys see in one episode is soooooooo little!!! There is sooo much that I remember each day,what we say to each other and what we do. I can only imagine the amount of editing they have to go through!!

The Dragon Boat challenge was actually every bodies favorite one out of all the other ones. It was alot of fun!! I remember when I got in the boat and realized that Soren was sitting next to me and he was like,"Oh not you again!! Hope I don't hit you with the paddle or something this time!!" hahah Jabba was also hilarious he kept standing up and the boat would rock and we'd all be like..."JABBA SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!" We were actually leading for most of the race and at the end they caught up and beat us!!! It was soooooo clooooose!

Rafik celebrated by jumping into the Singapore River. Notice how no one else did!!??? Well we all had out microphones packs on and Rafik must have forgot (or he didn't think!?) so he definetly cost the audio company some money. Imagine if the whole Blue team jumped in!!! I reckon the grand prize money would have got a whole lot less!! hahah To rub salt into our wound,Jaymee and Stephan told us that they'd be getting a reward on a YACHT!!! We were like...damnit!!

When we got back to the loft,we were feeling CRAP. We weren't so bothered about deliberation and who was gonna be picked....we were there to FIGHT not play games and we knew we could get picked at any point so no point stressing about that. But the fact that 2 challenges...2 losses really annoyed us!!! We were stressing that if we didn't win ANY challenges we'd come across as such dorks!! So there was a fair bit of pressure on us all!!

James is a real family guy. He has so much love for his wife and kids!! He's been seeing his wife since they were 17 or something? Sean is a cool guy and we got along really well in the house. Alot of the times we'd sit and talk and then just EAT loads of snacks in The Loft. There's only so much you can do in The Loft...Train...Sleep...Hangout and EAT!!! And EAT we all did!!!!

Well for those of you who haven't seen the show. There is a "RECAP" on the Official Contender Asia website. A written one or if you're lazy like me,just watch the video! Check it out!!

Episode 1 Recap

Episode 2 Recap

I'll try and write about every episode from MY point of view. I have to limit and be careful of what I say as we are all bound by contracts and I don't really know what I can/can't mention so I'll just play safe to avoid a multi million dollar law suit from the company!!!

If you guys have any questions just email it to and I'll do my best to answer them. Or I'll compile a bunch of good questions and answer them all on the blog.

I know that there is a little chat corner on the side of the blog and some of you have made some comments. Thank you very much all for the kind words and support. I hope that people will like me on the show and I just hope people see that Im capable of achieving alot more good things in time to come.

There are a few TV interviews and Radio interviews I did that I should be uploading soon.

So please keep checking back on my blog for new updates!!


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