Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Old Fight Clip.

Here's another older clip I found of myself. This was actually uploaded by my cousin in 2006. I fought this fight with an almost healed fractured rib so was actually really worried going in and to make matters worse,3 days before the fight I had a MASSIVE infection on my right shin. It had swelled up and I was taking antibiotic pills and getting injections to get it down but it didn't subside. In the end I just taped it up and went into fight. (Look at my right shin). Think I stopped him in the 3rd round?

Was funny coz no one knew what I stopped him with or what had happened as he took awhile before the pain kicked in and he went down. So people were going "ohh this guy took a dive" or some said I caught him with a kick?? I actually stopped him with a straight knee to the solar plexus. Man wish we had instant replays on a big screen!!

This fight was down at the old Seletar Rings. This was where the first few fights in Singapore were held. We built a pretty good following and we've now moved on to better and more convenient locations for the fights nowadays! Thank God!!

Also if you guys (actually if you girls!!) haven't gone on the official Contender Asia site. You gotta go to the store and check out this item!! Think they should also give buyers the option to choose which of the 16 fighters names or profile picture do they want printed on it! haha!



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