Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Goodies!!

Right here are some goodies for you all reading my blog.

Here it is one of the final trailers for The Contender Asia. I think this will be the "main title" that is at the begining of every episode. Think I heard the final one will have our names coming up. Enjoy!! Ohh and its only about 2 weeks til the show airs on AXN!!! Am sooo excited and nervous at the same time!!!!!

Also my fight from Phuket in Feb is finally uploaded. (Check the previous blog entry) Yes that is me even though it says "DSUKA" from Japan!!...They always call me a Japanese when I fight in Thailand?!!? Just watched the fight again and almost forgot how fast that guy kicked!! Man I was struggling at first to get my rhythm in the fight.

Will post again over the weekend. With my uber looooong list of new year's resolution!!


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boxxTomoi said...

nice blog bro.
Your photo g8.